Why Work Here?

SKF is looking for the perfect candidate to join our growing development and management company.

–        Strong understanding of construction geotechnical and environmental reports, construction scheduling, construction contracts, and construction costing

–        Understanding of construction building principals and ability to read building plans

–        Responsible for performing Technical REVIEW Reports detailing relevant information from architectural, structural and MEP plans, construction contracts, building applications and permits, trade cost breakdowns & existing conditions reports

–        Responsible for performing Budget Review and Cost to complete assessments to determine overall project feasibility and estimation of necessary funds required to complete project

–        When pricing projects provide 2-3 bids per trade to assure accurate pricing for cost effective project 

–        Attends monthly requisition meetings to review project status with owner, contractor, design professionals, other consultants 

–        Issues site observation reports commenting on overall status including work quality, trade coordination, schedules, delays, potential delays, overruns, & change orders

–        Assesses valuation of construction work, provides review and analysis of construction activities as well as identify any risk factors throughout pre-development and construction phases 

–        Identify cost-saving measures and recommend alternatives to reduce expenses

–        Stay up-to-date with industry trends and changes in regulations and codes

–        Help negotiate contracts on behalf of owner. Review contracts carefully and look for any potential areas where the terms could be improved upon to save money or add value for owner. Handle contract disputes should they arise during the project

–        Ensure that all aspects of the project are completed on time and within budget. Closely monitor progress and quality control throughout each phase of the build process to identify any potential problems before they become major issues that could cause delays or increased expenses for owner 

–        Prepare monthly write-up reports on progress of past month and month ahead

–        Proficient in Microsoft word, excel, Sharepoint (our system) & Procore (most used tracking program in the industry for GC’s, subs, owners)

About SKF Property Management LLC:

SKF is a growing development and management company with over 1200 units in The Bronx.