When it comes to the protection of your intellectual property, finding the right patent attorney in Tampa is vital. It is necessary to find a professional who will represent you with experience and knowledge. Here are some questions for you to ask before selecting a firm to represent you and your ideas.

Does the Firm Focus on Intellectual Property Law?

Not all practices offering copyright, trademark, and patent law services specialize in this field. If you do not have a lawyer who focuses on the type of legislation you are looking for, this can put your case at risk. There is more to practicing law than knowing the rules. A firm focusing on intellectual property has experience in cases like yours.

At Larson & Larson, we specialize in all matters of intellectual property in Tampa. We provide our clients with services and counseling to protect intellectual property rights. Our lawyers concentrate on copyright, trademark, and patent law. Because of this, we understand federal law and Patent Office procedure. We will help you establish and maintain your intellectual property rights. Our diverse experience means that you will find the right patent attorney at Larson & Larson.

Who Will You Be Working With?

It is important to know who could be working on your case. Many firms have people that work under a patent attorney. These individuals may include:

  • Associates;
  • Patent agents; and
  • Support staff

Each team member plays a different role in your case. Associates assist with cases and may draft their own patent applications. They often handle research and writing. Agents can perform any work before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The firm’s support staff prepare forms and docket deadlines.

The team at Larson & Larson includes four intellectual property attorneys, a patent agent, and support staff. Our team has many years of experience in matters of copyright, trademark, and patent law both in the Tampa area and beyond.

What Experience Does the Team Have to Offer?

Advanced degrees and training help a patent attorney be the best they can be. However, the experience gained from handling cases also matters. When you are trying to apply for a patent in Tampa, it is essential that your lawyer understands your idea.

Our team at Larson & Larson has a variety of experience and backgrounds. All our attorneys are registered with the Florida Bar, and our patent agent is registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Our team has expertise in a diverse set of practices. This includes software, biotechnology, networking, and computer architecture.

What Services Does the Firm Offer?

The services a patent attorney offers in Tampa can vary.

At Larson & Larson, our services include:

  • Representing clients before the USPTO;
  • Preparing amendments and conducting interviews during prosecution;
  • Representing clients in appeals before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board; and
  • Preparing drawings for applications in compliance with USPTO guidelines

The Intellectual Property Law Firm of Larson & Larson, P.A. in Tampa Bay

At Larson & Larson, our firm specializes intellectual property matters. This includes copyrights, trademarks, and patents. We have prosecuted more than 800 U.S. and foreign patents since 1987. We provide our Tampa clients with the right patent attorney for your case. Our firm also offers legal services and counseling to establish, maintain, and enforce our clients’ intellectual property rights. For more information, contact us online or call us at (727) 546-0660.