Small Group Meetings

Note: Currently meetings are held via Zoom video conference. Check calendar for details.

Tuesday Meetings

The purpose of the small group meetings is to share information with fellow Rebounders in a smaller, more informal gathering. The small group setting allows the participants to openly offer ideas, potential leads, discuss their personal progress, network with others and share stories from the trenches – what works, what doesn’t work and ultimately what they need to succeed in landing that perfect position.

We have a regular small group meeting that meets every Tuesday; please visit our website calendar for details on all small group meetings.

Mastermind Group

Do you have an issue you’d like explore with a group of your peers and get input that could help you and the group members? In the Mastermind Group, we first ask each person to briefly describe their major issue of the day. The group then decides which issue to address and this issue becomes the focus of the meeting. Group members ask the individual to more deeply describe the issue with targeted questions (using the Socratic method) to help members gain a deeper insight into the issue. At the end, each group member gives valuable advice and feedback to the individual. It’s a powerful experience for the entire group!


This group provides a confidential, safe and casual atmosphere where the goal is to help Rebounders deal with stress, discouragement, relationship issues, self-esteem and/or fear. Rebuilders meet at Noon on the first Thursday of the month following the General Meeting & Training. Lunch is provided at no cost to Rebounders. 

Contact Jan Chaffee for more information.

Note: Currently this meeting is held via Zoom video. Grab your lunch & sign in!