Each of you was a great help to me in making this happen, from the interview practice to the bevy of tips you provided. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your talents with me and with so many others you’ve helped over the years. I hadn’t had to look for a job in 18 years, and I don’t know where I’d be without the guidance, counsel and uplifting positivity each of you has shown me. You are true heroes, and you should all be proud of what you’re doing. 

One of the good parts of this job search has been meeting so many fantastic people like yourselves, so please feel free to keep in touch. If there is anything I can do to help you, know that I will do my best. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything, and best of luck with your future endeavors.

Jim D.

I would like to be able to come to one of the meetings to personally thank everyone, especially you.  I am so grateful, everything went exactly like how you said it would, including the one interviewer that asked me to “give him my elevator speech”.  Thank you doesn’t even come close. Wishing you a great thanksgiving and many, many thanks.  


This time I’ll be ready to hit the ground running thanks to Tweeners and Transition Masters training;  Thanks to you! Continue being a blessing and a source of encouragement.  You do marvelous work in an area that is really needed and appreciated!  


Having been an IT Manager for many years, finding myself unemployed for many months in an industry that used to have a shortage of people, was sobering.  I was reeling, as I had several interviews and no job offers.  In short, I was doing it all wrong.  I was focusing my energy on the wrong tasks, and not preparing enough for interview questions.  But that all turned around when I met Joe.  Joe and his coaches are dedicated to helping you get back into the workforce; it is their passion!

The amount of information that I learned in this class was amazing.  While you will learn many new skills in this class, the main skill that you will develop is the ability to answer interview questions well, and be confident in your answers.  That confidence will come through in the interview, and you will stand out and be the best choice for the employer.  I found my next job during the class.  I am certain that it was the encouragement and the coaching that I was receiving from Joe and his coaches, and classmates, that pushed me over the top, so that I was selected over an internal candidate for the position.  Thank you Joe, coaches, and classmates!

Mark R.

Landed my dream job! I wanted to thank you for your inspiration during the networking event at Career Source Pinellas. I took your advice, targeted my top company and after stalking them, on the 3rd touch I gained an ”in!” The rest is history.

Kim A.

Joe provides hope to job seekers by sharing his wisdom, insights and practical knowledge. Transition Masters sends job seekers out into the market with confidence and valuable tools. Joe is an incredibly engaging speaker who effortlessly holds the attention of his audience. 

I thought I knew what it took to launch a successful job search but going through this program showed me how much I didn’t know. I am so incredibly grateful to Joe and the other coaches for the thought-provoking experience. The techniques I learned led directly to getting interviews and landing a job. I highly recommend this program to anyone reentering the workforce.

Thanks again for everything,


I was able to survive my interview, thanks to your great tips and breathing exercise.

Thanks for all your help. Just thought I should share.


I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Joe at a Career Source meeting in Tampa, Fl. It was there that Joe gave the attendees a sampling of his services. With that, he offered the attendees to register for the next session of Transition Masters. It was the best investment of my time that I’ve made to date! Joe’s sessions are comprehensive, working sessions which end up being life changing experiences. As a result, I feel more confident about my approach to attaining the next step in my career and, I have reinvented myself in the sense that I am working on entrepreneurial opportunities. Joe has allowed me to share a simple tool that I use in my job search which is a list a keywords that the ATS looks for. Along the lines of sharing, Joe shares some memorable ideas, tools and sayings. The saying that Joe shared that rings with me is “Don’t look for a job from a company, look for a problem that a company has that you can solve.”


Mr Joe Jones is the kind of human being you don’t meet frequently but as soon you know him, you feel and understand that he will offer the best of his sensitivity, intelligence and competence. His project to combine the dynamic of Toastmasters with the realism of job search groups, is really a bright and a successful one which came through.

Many thanks!


Just wanted to dash off a short note. Thanks to Transition Masters, I found a new and fantastic job. I start April 17.

Thank you so every much for all the support and teaching you provided me. I can easily say you and Transition Masters were KEY to my job hunting, interview and offer success. You cannot imagine the number of times that I heard your voice in the back of my head telling me to do this, or say that. I credit you and our coaches on helping me sharpen and hone so that when given the opportunity I was able to seize the opportunity and provide my best.


Thank you! I’m really glad I went outside of my ’emotional comfort zone’ and attended. You provide so many great ideas and nuggets of golden ‘reality’ along with the power point, I am certainly glad to have been there!


The Transition Masters program was truly worthwhile – I looked forward to each session as an opportunity to learn something new and to sharpen my job searching skills.  Joe is an expert instructor and facilitator.  His approach to teaching is both educational and entertaining which made each class not just interesting but fun! Most of all, Joe cares.  He has a personal touch that he brings to the seminar that lets you know that your personal success is just as important to him as your career success.  I highly recommend this program for anyone going through a job search. 


I want to thank you for your support.   I was going through a very difficult time, spending 23 years with the people and company I loved, then having to leave.   I have to tell you the information you sent me really helped me walk through the different stages that I was going through, which helped me to start to understand and then make the steps to move forward.   This along with a very great friend, emotionally I would not be were I am now.  Thank you so much…


I had the pleasure of attending the very first 8 week course for job seekers titled Transition Masters. I highly recommend to anyone in the marketplace that this is a must to attend this course. You will need the skills, understanding, and practical examples while preparing for the job market! This is a must do from your bucket list to help prepare you and your family with the tools and practice needed to build your confidence and re-enforce techniques to become prepared for interviewing and all steps necessary to get your career back on track. By far the best instructor, mentors, and class materials that I have ever been exposed to! Highly recommended and honored to be in the first class of graduates!